Style for Less: Spring Into Fall

The first time I saw the Mini Boden catalog I knew I was gonna be in trouble. Why? Because deep down inside I knew that there was no way these cute, stylish clothes could possibly be within my monthly clothing budget for the girls. And you know what, when I looked at the tiny print at the bottom that corresponded to the chic styles, I saw that I was indeed right! Even if I purchased one of those rare, coveted Rue La La vouchers for $50 of Mini Boden clothing for $35, I knew it’d still be too high of a price tag for what I actually needed to buy for my kids. Then, of course, come the excuses. “They really are well-made and are definitely durable enough to last more than one kid. I mean quality has a high price tag. The re-sale value is great, just check completed eBay listings. Mini Boden re-sale is through the roof!” But (and there’s always a big BUT for me when it comes to this tier of children’s clothing) I don’t want to be THAT MOM constantly wagging my finger at my kids about not getting stains on their clothes because, “Do you want to ruin it for your sister” or “It’s gonna lower re-sale value.” Yes. I said it. Though, I’d try to never say this in front of them, it’d definitely be what I was thinking. Admit it. You thought it, too. I want to let my kids PLAY.  If their clothes get messed up because Mini or Li’l fell down or because, “It’s art class,” it’ll actually BE okay ’cause the clothes I bought won’t break the bank. Who has the time and energy to create their own eBay storefront anyway? Hmmm… maybe someday. So what is a Mom who loves Mini Boden gonna do? Hopefully, find some inspired pieces like this:

Inspired by Mini Boden

Fancy (All Mini Boden)
Top: Hotchpotch T-shirt $30
Vest: Cosy Vest $38
Pants: Heart Patch Pants $42
Shoes: Canvas High Tops $60
Total: $170

Mini Boden offers a  20% off code to their customers often enough that paying full price is usually not necessary. With that in mind,  the total for this outfit would be $136. Additionally, if you were one of the lucky few to snag the Rue La La voucher, the total would still be $121 after coupons and codes. Otherwise, you’d have to wait till sale and hope that none of the items sell out.

Top: JCPenney’s Okie Dokie Long-Sleeve Mixed Print Tee $5.99
Vest: H&M’s Pile Vest $24.95
Pants: Kohl’s Jumping Beans Heart Pants $8.99
Shoes: Carter’s Chambray Print Sneakers $16.99
Total: $56.92

The total for the savvy outfit doesn’t even include potential codes from these brands. The prices are based on current listed prices. Combined with coupons and codes the savvy outfit could be even more affordable.

Here’s the run-down of current sales from the stores I’ve listed above.

Mini Boden: Sign up for their email list and receive their current catalog. A 20% code will be listed on the back using your catalog number.

JCPenney: Online code-GOBUYIT 20% off with JCPenney card, 15% off non-cardholders using, expires 8/24

H&M: Currently there are no online codes, Sign up for their newsletter and receive 20% off 1 item of your choice

Kohl’s: Online codes-MARCHING if spending $100 or more, save 20%//BAND if spending under $100, save 15%//for every $50 spent, receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash expires 8/27

Carter’s: Online code-JPDM205 20% off a purchase of $40+, exclusions apply

Florals seem to be everywhere including at Mini Boden, Gap Kids, H&M and Carters to name a few. Funny thing is, it IS fall, right? I don’t know if it’s because last winter felt long, but this trend seems to be here for Fall 2014. What do you think of it? Do you like flowers in fall or are they only meant for spring?

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