Lego Store September Mini Build

Tragedy has struck our household. The girls’ beloved pet fish, “King Betta” passed away yesterday afternoon. He was a good first pet, though a bit nonchalant in his affections. Despite that, he will be greatly missed. Mini sobbed uncontrollably yesterday. It was absolutely heartbreaking. We tried to comfort her as best as we could, but she was inconsolable for the longest time. Mini would cry for a few minutes, calm down a little later and as soon as she seemed to be okay, she’d notice in the corner of her eye his bowl and start sobbing all over again. She would then calm down again and then notice the thermometer and measuring cup we used for his bowl. The tears streamed down her face. Unfortunately, we weren’t fast enough to gather all his things in one fell swoop. She finally cried till she fell asleep. Rest in peace, dear King.

King Betta at home

I want to give her time and space to grieve for her fish, but I’m unsure dwelling on his death all day would be helpful for her. So I’m considering this…

Today, September 2, at 5:00 pm Lego stores across the country are offering their FREE mini build (till quantities last). This could be the perfect distraction. It’s something I think she would enjoy.

Last time we participated in this event, we arrived 15 minutes early and still had to wait an additional 30 minutes before we were motioned into the store for the build. For many kids, school recently has started and the weather is still warm so lines may not be as long as my previous experience. That’s just my guess, though. For us, we may try to get there half and hour early to be on the safe side. We’ll see how today goes, how both girls are doing, especially in light of yesterday.

This month’s mini build is a Lego Racing Plane, maybe? The Lego Store has advertised it as being this plane for the past two months or so. The pic is included in the September Lego Store newsletter and is listed under Store News & Events (published June 30). However, on the Mini Build page, it shows September’s build as a pirate with a wooden leg. A plane, I think, would pique my girls’ interests, but a pirate, maybe not so much. You may want to inquire which one is the real build if you believe your child may be interested in one and not the other.  Perhaps, too, if you’re planning on calling, a store associate would have greater insight as to the timing of the line. This Lego Event is open to children ages 6-14. In my experience, most stores seem to be lenient on the age restriction. Your mileage may vary.

LEGO September Mini Build

Here’s hoping it’s the Racing Plane…

Lego Pirate with Wooden Leg
And not the pirate with wooden leg.


Has your family experienced the death of a pet? Any advice? Did you find it was helpful to give your kids some distraction or would you recommend letting your kids cry without interference and take as much time as they need?

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