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Every first Tuesday of the month starting at 5 pm (till quantities last), Lego stores offer a free mini build for kids between the ages of 6-14. This month kids can build a Lego monkey and take it home for free.  My daughters loves building with Legos.  Just visiting the store to see all the new different sets and playing with some of the bricks in store makes their day.  It’s one of the fun, free activities we love to do while we’re at the mall, especially when it gets cold out. The monthly mini builds are a huge bonus, because who doesn’t like free?

If you’d like to see previous builds, has a page where you can find them here . Below are March, April, and May of this year’s monthly builds.

Lego Store March-May 2014 Monthly Mini Builds


If you missed out on a build, you can find instructions for previous months and many more building instructions for different sets here (just in case you misplaced a booklet or two from other Lego sets). Isn’t the internet awesome for precisely this kind of thing?

(A possible conversation with my daughter. Um, yeah.)
“Mommy do you know where the instructions are for Cinderella’s castle?”
“Aren’t they in your Lego box?”
“No. It’s not there. I can’t find it.”
“Can you build something else instead?”
“Why not?”
“Because I really want to build it now… Can you pleeeease help me build it, like the picture?”
*Cue heroine music*

Simply type in whichever set you’re missing, for example,  “June 2014 monthly mini build,” in the search bar and then choose the correct set from the search results.   Missing pieces from the set?  No problem. Lego makes it easy to buy them (for the most part).  On the left of the same page you’ll run across the menu where Bricks & Pieces are listed.  When you click on it, just type in the set number and it’ll make a shopping list of the bricks that compose the build.  The only problem with this, is that many times the monthly builds will include some unique bricks or pieces that are difficult or impossible to find after the date.  If there is a possible substitute the Bricks & Pieces will list those as well.

As for the age restriction, it really just depends on each individual store.  Some are lenient, allowing younger kids to participate with no questions asked, others not so much. At most stores, including ours, you’re required to do the build in store before taking it home. How long are the lines?  As you might guess, lines tend to be  much shorter in the summer than the winter. So it’s all definitely a your mileage may vary situation.  However, with all that being said, it’s LEGO!  So mark your calendars and get ready for some monkeying around! Sorry for the pun. I really couldn’t help it.  I mean just look at him!


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