Back To School First Day Fashion

I wish I was one of those mamas where the transition back to school was easy. But change, at least for me, is never easy no matter how miniscule. Despite a few complications (DH i.e. Dear Husband out of town for a work thing, school posting class lists the Friday afternoon before school started on Monday, school supply lists given on the first day of school), the first day of school was A SUCCESS. Mini had a wonderful day even though she was “a little nervous” and is eager for what the rest of the year will hold.

For me, previous years I’d agonize days beforehand worrying about the big stuff like, “Will she be able to make new friends? Will she be able to stay in step with the rest of the kids who are mostly older? Will she know how to ask for help?” to the little that would still equally stress me out. “What clothes should she wear? Does this seem too fancy? Is this special enough? Is she going to be too cold? Or maybe she’ll get too hot.  How should I do her hair? Is her backpack big enough so all her stuff doesn’t get smashed down?” I know. I know. My brain is like a rat spinning on a wheel, only it’s out of control. Thankfully, I have a husband who’s able to help me rein it in and I pray A LOT. This is the low-key version. Trust me, you don’t want to see what the actual version is like. And honestly, this year I actually made it easier on myself. Sort of. This is what she wore:

Naartjie Kids BTS 1st day

Dress:  Naartjie Kids Mixed Print Cap Sleeve Dress in Tilly
Hair Accessories: Goody Ouchless Polybands Elastics, Multi Size, 250 ct.
Leggings: Children’s Place Lace-Trimmed Capri Leggings in White
Socks: Gymboree Bow Ankle Socks in Brilliant Rose
Shoes: Sears Joe Boxer Girl’s Amelia Glitter Canvas Slip-On Shoe

Planning THE outfit was easy since I thought Mini could wear the matching leggings also from Naartjie (a perfect set!) only to realize that it would be a really hot day. So we switched it up with the white capri lace leggings from Children’s Place instead. I should note that the color of this Naartjie Kids dress is much brighter, the shade of pink a lighter pink in real life than what is on screen. I’ve taken a pic that will hopefully show the difference between the stock pic and how it shows up in real life.

Naartjie Kids Mixed Print Cap Sleeve Dress Close-Up

And the socks aren’t an exact match since the ones we own aren’t available online. Same style, similar color, with the one pictured a bit brighter. For the shoes, we’ve owned them for awhile now. I like that these silver Toms-look-a-like-slip-ons are fancier than a typical casual shoe, but they work for recess as well. Who wants to sit out of recess because their shoes are uncomfortable or too nice to get dirty? They do run wide so if you have a chance to try them on before purchasing, definitely check in store.

Stores are starting their Labor Day sales early with many of them already announcing their mark-downs!

Here’s the run-down of current sales from the stores I’ve listed above:

Naartjie Kids: additional 30% off clearance (online prices reflect final discount), expires 9/1

Amazon: 50-70% Labor Day Savings on Kids’ Clothing, Shoes, and more only on select styles

Children’s Place: Online Code-LABORDAY2 25% off expires 8/31, free shipping on all orders TODAY only, earn Place Cash-get $10 off your purchase of $20+ expires 9/1

Gymboree: 40% off everything with savings up to 70%, sign up for their list and receive 20% off a purchase of $50+ coupon

Sears: up to 50% off school fashion, Online code-BTS20 extra 20% off

Are you the kind of mama who’s excited, carefree and believe getting ready for school to start is really fun? Or are you like me, tend to worry and mull over the details of what it all entails? And of course, what is your mini wearing for the first day of school?

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